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Despite its name, there’s is nothing lucky about finding a clover mite. This dark reddish brown pest, which is smaller than a pinhead, does not pose a threat to human health or cause major damage to homes but can be a severe nuisance when it invades structures.

They pay homage to their name by feasting on clover plus over-fertilized grass. Their activity peaks in the cooler, early spring months when they can become the greatest nuisance to homeowners.

Home infestations are most severe when sudden changes in weather or habitat occur. Populations typically move indoors in autumn when pests that clover mites feed on start to perish.

When smashed, adult clover mites leave behind a red stain, especially on items such as curtains, wallpaper, rugs, and other furniture that are lighter in color. As such clover mites found in the home should be vacuumed up instead of crushed.

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