Preventive Maintenance Program

An Effective Maintenance Program for Pest Control

Environmental Pest Control offers a preventive maintenance program that provides year-round protection from pests. We apply a protective barrier around your home’s foundation to prevent outside invasions. Our pest treatment will reduce the peak-level insect activities at your home. If the pest problem persists, give us a call, and a certified technician will be at your service at no additional charge.

Efficient Pest Control

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Macomb County Pest Control

The Solution to All Your Residential Pest Problems

A preventive maintenance program will keep the pest infestation problem at your home in check. It’s a cost-effective program that does not break your budget. Don’t let pests such as carpenter ants, pavement ants, earwigs, centipedes and millipedes, mice, spiders, or wasps, yellow jackets and hornets take over your home. Contact us now!

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