Birmingham Pest Control

Birmingham Pest Control

Located in Oakland County, Environmental Pest Control has served those in need for nearly 40 years. We understand how much of a nightmare it is to discover that pests have infested your home, and we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Our professional and friendly team provides expert service that includes “no-charge” retreatments if necessary during your coverage.Even the quotes are free. A pest infestation should never be taken lightly and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Why Getting Rid of Pests ASAP is a Must

Pests damage your home. Some are downright dangerous. Carpenter ants are a severe issue, and not one that can always be dealt with in a single session. They’re one of the reasons that we offer no-charge retreatments if necessary. While carpenter ants aren’t directly harmful to humans or pets because they rarely bite, they can be dangerous in other ways.

Carpenter ants are known to create “galleries” by hollowing it out and they don’t discriminate between a single tree, a log cabin, or your home’s wood structure, especially any wood that has been damaged by water leaks even if it has dried out. Over time they can do serious damage to the structural integrity of your home.

We offer pest control options for the pests that may put your tranquility at risk, including carpenter ants, pavement or sugar ants, mosquitoes, rodents, and more. Our custom pest control management plans provide an individualized approach so that we can ensure that each of our customer’s unique needs is met in full.

Pest Infestation Prevention

Environmental Pest Control is committed to protecting you, your home, and your family from the threats that a pest infestation may cause because we understand how severe the problem can be. Since pest infestation can be so serious, we do more than get rid of the pests that are already there. Environmental Pest Control also offers services involving preventative measures to stop pest problems before they start. Our preventive maintenance program offers pest protection for your home all year round.

We start by applying a barrier to the exterior of your home to help prevent any outdoor pests from becoming indoor pests. If the pest problem persists after we’ve implemented our preventative measures, we will send out one of our experts to deal with it for no additional charge. Our technicians are fully licensed to treat the interior of your home or business. Not all companies offering pest control cover the interior which is extremely important.

Mosquito and Tick Abatement

While there are a lot of insects and other pests to worry about in the Birmingham area, one of the biggest problems is mosquitoes and ticks. Fortunately, our expert Birmingham pest control team is trained to provide services that include our top-notch mosquito and tick abatement programs. The program is active from May to September – when mosquito and tick activity is at its worst.We also offer specialized treatments for weddings and other events, so that these bothersome insects can’t ruin your special day.

Environmental Pest Control Services in Birmingham

If you have a pest infestation issue in the Birmingham area, or even just suspect that you might, it must be dealt with immediately. The longer a problem like this goes untreated, the worse it can become. Contact Environmental Pest Control as soon as you notice the issue, and we’ll gladly provide a free consultation. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment needed to keep your home pest-free both short-term and long-term. Contact us today to schedule this free consultation, or visit to learn more about us.

When pests are causing problems in your home,you need top-quality pest control solutions, and you can find them with Environmental Pest Control. We’re one of only 3% of the businesses in our field that have received Quality Pro and Quality Pro Green certifications. Acquiring these accolades is no small honor because only the best of the best in the pest control industry receive them. We’ve also received endorsement and have been highly recommended by the National Pest Management Association for our use of IPM (integrated pest management) methods.

With multiple decades of experience in the field, Environmental Pest Control teams have seen almost every scenario you can imagine, and our highly trained experts have remedied them all. When you work with Environmental Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best possible service from professionals who care about you, your family, and your home.

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