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Boxelder bugs get their name because they are often seen on boxelder trees, sometimes causing the trunk of the female boxelder tree to appear red as it is totally covered in the spring. They are easy to identify because of their black color with red to orange markings and they are approximately a half inch long with 6 legs and long antennae. Nymphs which are young are bright red in color. These bugs are considered more of a nuisance pest since they are not known to bite, procreate indoors or cause destruction other than possibly staining fabric red with their fecal matter. They become an issue in the fall as they gather on the southern exposures of structures to stay warm and as the temperatures drop, they will migrate inside where they will hide in wall voids and behind baseboards to wait for spring. They will usually reappear in late March through April and that is a good time to use a small vacuum to gather them off windows and drapes as they are trying to make their way back outside. Be sure to empty the vacuum outside so they don’t escape back indoors.

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